SL’s General Sales and Travel Terms and Conditions

Tickets, prices and special terms and conditions

1 Applicability of these Terms and Conditions

These General Sales and Travel Terms and Conditions apply when you purchase tickets from SL Traffic Services, when you travel using SL Traffic Services or when you are inside SL’s compulsory ticket area but not travelling. Special terms and conditions also apply for certain kinds of tickets and SL services, for example when you purchase school and corporate tickets.

The general provisions for Sales and Travel Terms and Conditions are found in certain laws and ordinances. Clause 13 at the end of these Terms and Conditions includes a list of these. However, SL determines what rules apply to SL Traffic Services. SL is also entitled to amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice, although you can always find the current Terms and Conditions on sl.se.


SL is Aktiebolaget Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (Stockholm Public Transport, SL), which is owned by Stockholm County Council.

SL Traffic Services is the transportation route network (including stations and vehicles, etc.) where SL, or a company engaged by SL, enables people to travel by public transport within the County of Stockholm and in some adjacent areas.

SL’s Compulsory Ticket Area is the area within SL’s barrier line.

The Track Area is the area where the rail tracks are accessible.

2 Range of traffic services, tickets and prices

Stockholm County Council and SL jointly decide on

They are also entitled to change these. You will always be able to find the current range of traffic services, range of tickets and prices on sl.se.

2.1 You must have a valid ticket

You must have a valid ticket for your entire journey when travelling using SL. You must also have a ticket when you are inside SL’s Compulsory Ticket Area but are not travelling, thus inside SL’s ‘barrier line’.

If your ticket does not have a set starting time, you must activate your ticket to validate it. This applies to, for instance, period tickets and single-journey tickets using the SL Access card. You activate the ticket the first time you touch it on an SL card reader.

A single-journey ticket is valid on SL card readers for 75 minutes from its starting time. The starting time is either when you activate the ticket or when you purchase the ticket, depending on the type of single-journey ticket purchased.

Tickets purchased via SMS or the SL App are valid for 75 minutes from when you purchased them. They are only valid on the phone on which you purchased the ticket.

You can travel on your single-journey ticket until you have reached your final destination even when the journey takes more than 75 minutes, as long you do not make any changes that require you to retouch your ticket after 75 minutes have passed.

If 75 minutes have passed since your ticket was activated, you will have to buy a new ticket if a change means that you have to retouch your ticket. This applies, for example, if you need to go through a new barrier line or if you get onto another bus, suburban railway line, commuter boat, or tram where you have to retouch your ticket. However, you can change if you are already inside a closed barrier system, for example if you are travelling on a commuter or underground train and are changing within the barrier line.

You may only board a train without having bought a ticket in advance if tickets are sold on-board a tram and suburban railway line. Tramline 7 (Spårvagnslinje 7) is the only service where you can use cash to buy single-journey tickets from the conductor. However, remember that the conductor does not give change for notes over SEK 100.

You can find out about the different tickets and how they work on sl.se.

2.2 Travel across county borders

Parts of SL Traffic Services pass through the country borders to Uppsala and the County of Södermanland. Special rules and tickets apply in certain cases in order to travel to and from adjacent counties. Further information is available on sl.se.

2.3 Discounted price for children, young people, students and pensioners

Some passengers pay a lower, discounted price. These prices are shown in the price list on sl.se.

2.3.1 Special rules during weekends and holidays

Special rules apply for weekends and certain major holidays. Passengers over the age of 18 who are travelling using a valid ticket can at those times, bring up to six children who have reached the age of seven but not the age of twelve, without any extra charge.

WeekendsFriday 12:00Sunday 24:00
Easter (March/April)Thursday 00:00Monday 24:00
Walpurgis 30 April00:001 May 24:00
Ascension (May) Wednesday 00:00Sunday 24:00
National Day5 June 00:006 June 24:00
Midsummer (June)Thursday 12:00Sunday 24:00
All Saints Day (October/November)Friday 00:00Sunday 24:00
Christmas23 December 00:006 Jan 24:00

2.3.2 Prams and pushchairs

If you have a child in a pushchair or pram, you can travel free on SL’s buses if you are travelling on a bus with a driver to check passenger tickets. The maximum permitted length of the pushchair or pram is 120 cm.

2.4 Special conditions when purchasing tickets on sl.se

Passengers over the age of 18 can buy period tickets and SL Access cards on sl.se. Passengers under the age of 18 can buy tickets on sl.se if they have the consent of their guardian. Further information about how to pay for your ticket is available on sl.se.

The delivery period for purchases of SL Access cards on sl.se is normally four working days. However, this may be longer during major holidays.

2.4.1 You must download your ticket or credit yourself

When you have purchased a ticket or credit (Sw. reskassa) on sl.se, you must personally download the ticket or credit for the SL Access card within 60 days. You can do this at a barrier, on a bus or using any other SL Access equipment. After 60 days, you can no longer download your ticket or credit. In this case, SL automatically repays the amount paid to the credit card used for the purchase.

You must personally activate your period ticket

When you have downloaded a period ticket onto your SL Access card, you must also activate the ticket within 60 days at a barrier, on a bus or using any other SL Access equipment. SL may repay the money if you do not activate your ticket, provided you contact Customer Services and request this no later than two years after the download.

You can transfer your credit to a new card

Unused credit downloaded to your SL Access card will remain there for the life of the card, which is six years. You can then transfer the credit to a new card no later than one year following expiry of the life of the card. After that, SL may buy back the credit in accordance with Sub-clause 5.1.3.

2.5 Special Conditions when ordering an automatic credit top-up

An automatic credit top-up means that your credit is automatically topped up by SEK 200 if you purchase a ticket that costs more than your credit balance.

The following is required for you to be able to use automatic top-ups:

2.5.1 How paying by automatic top-ups works

Your credit card will be charged following an automatic top-up. If there is insufficient money in your account, the service is automatically cancelled and you cannot use it.

SL will make three further attempts to debit the account. If the payment goes through on a subsequent attempt, the service is automatically reactivated. If the payment does not go through on any of the three attempts, SL will transfer its’ claim to PayEx Sverige AB (PayEx), organization number 556735-5671, S:t Hansaplan 1, 621 88 Visby. PayEx will then send an invoice on the outstanding amount. Payment with liberating effect can in those cases only be made to PayEx on the account provided by PayEx.

If the credit card holder does not pay the invoice, SL permanently closes the service. After the invoice is paid, you can order the service again through SL Customer Services.

The process when PayEx issues invoices

2.6 Payment on sl.se

SL does not administer the technical platform for credit card payments and invoicing. It is PayEx that administers credit card charging, except when it comes to the “custom-designed card service”. In those cases it is DIBS Payment Services AB (Publ) that administers credit card charging. You can read more about that below in section 2.8.2.

2.7 Special Conditions when purchasing tickets via the mobile app

You can buy tickets via the mobile app SL – Reseplanerare och biljetter [Travel planner and tickets], and pay by using your credit card or swish. Find out about how to download the mobile app on sl.se.

Tickets that you purchase via your mobile app start to apply immediately and cannot be saved for later travel. The tickets are valid for 75 minutes.

2.7.1 You personally pay for traffic charges when purchasing a ticket

Your telephone network operator may impose traffic charges when you register and use the ticket app. You must pay for these charges yourself.

2.7.2 It is prohibited to share tickets with others

You may not share or forward a ticket that you have purchased via your mobile app. Such tickets are not personal, but are only valid on the mobile phone from which they have been purchased.

2.7.3 SL’s liability for the mobile app

SL does not guarantee that the mobile app will always function or that it is always possible to purchase a ticket. Nor is SL liable for any problems that may arise when your mobile app does not function or because the ticket is wrong or cannot be used. However, SL will rectify any technical faults of which it becomes aware.

SL is entitled to stop selling tickets via the mobile app at any time, and also change the content of these services. Information about such changes will be available on sl.se.

2.7.4 Payment

It is PayEx Sverige AB that administers the card payment services in the mobile app. For payment with swish, you need a swish-app and a mobile Bank-ID. You will find more information at https://www.getswish.se/privat/tjanster/

2.7.5 SL may block you from purchasing tickets via your mobile app

SL may block you from purchasing tickets via your mobile app. This may arise, for example, if SL suspects that you have misused the service or have used it in a way that is not permitted. It may also arise if SL considers that you should be blocked for technical or security reasons and to protect the interests of SL or other parties.

SL and PayEx do not have to give advance notice when blocking someone.

What is regarded as misuse of a service at SL?

‘Misuse’ includes all kinds of fraud, ticket sharing, false purchases or false information. SL reports all misuse to the Police or the Swedish Prosecution Authority.

2.8 Special conditions when using the custom-designed card service

You can design your SL Access card using the custom-designed card service. The card will have the same function as ordinary SL Access cards, but you can choose your own design for the card.

2.8.1 Image rights etc.when creating your own SL Access card

You can choose an image from the gallery or use your own image. When ordering an SL Access card using your own image, you must certify that you are entitled to use the image, for example, with the consent of the rights holder if it is not your own image. If the image represents an alive, identifiable person you must also certify that the person in question has consented to be pictured on the SL Access card. Through this certification, you also approve that SL, or a third party on the assignment of SL, can print, distribute and store the image.

SL can reject an image if

If you misuse this service, SL may block you from using the custom-designed card service in the future.

2.8.2 Payment

It is DIBS that administers credit card charging within the custom-designed card service.

2.9 You do not have any right of withdrawal

You do not have any right of withdrawal when purchasing tickets through sl.se or the mobile app. These Terms and Conditions include the applicable rules for making a complaint or returning a ticket.

Rules concerning the right of withdrawal are found in the Distance and Doorstep Sales Act (2005:59).

3 Ticket checks and surcharges

SL conducts ticket checks on SL Traffic Services. The checks themselves are administered by ISS Facility Services AB. Transport staff, transport officers, officers performing charge checks and guards can carry out ticket checks.

You are obliged to prove that you have a valid ticket and hand this over when there is a ticket check on SL Traffic Services. If you have purchased a ticket at a discounted price, you must also be able to produce something that proves that you are entitled to the lower price, for example an ID document, a certificate from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency or the Swedish Pensions Agency or a student ID card. Find out more under Sub clause 2.3 of these Terms and Conditions.

If you have purchased a ticket via the mobile app, you are also obliged to provide the telephone number for the mobile phone through which you have bought the ticket, and produce and hand over the mobile phone that has the mobile ticket.

What happens when you do not produce a valid ticket

If you cannot produce a valid ticket during a ticket check you must pay a supplementary charge of SEK 1,500. You must also pay the equivalent cost for a single ticket in addition to the supplementary charge. If you do not pay within ten days, you will be charged an additional reminder charge. The matter is handed over to a collection agency if you have not paid after 12 days.

If you refuse to purchase a ticket or pay the supplementary charge, you may be ejected from the bus, train or tram. You may also be ejected from the area to which only members of the public with tickets have access (that is, inside SL’s ‘barrier line’).

You may have your ticket or SL Access card confiscated if you misuse a ticket.

Your rights when travelling with SL

4 You can receive compensation if your journey is delayed

You are entitled to compensation if there is a risk of delays in SL Traffic Services. However, you can only receive compensation for reasonable costs. The same rules apply when there has been a delay that has affected you.

A journey is counted as ‘delayed’ if you arrive at your final destination later than shown in the timetable. SL does not pay any compensation for scheduled changes to the timetable if SL has provided information about the change on sl.se at least three days in advance.

SL’s responsibility for delays, cancelled departures and the consequences of these are limited to what is reported here. SL thus does not compensate any costs or losses other than those stated in these Terms and Conditions.

The rules about what you can receive compensation for when travelling are contained in the Act on the Rights of Public Transport Passengers (2015:953).

4.1 You can receive compensation for the cost of other transport

You are entitled to compensation for the additional costs you incur to reach your final destination on time if you have reason to assume that you will be delayed in reaching your final destination by more than 20 minutes. This may, for example, involve the cost of having to travel by taxi, car or using another transport company.

There is a maximum amount that SL pays out for each occasion of delay. The amount is 2.5 per cent of the price base amount applicable for the year in which the journey would have ended. The exact amount is shown on sl.se. SL only compensates transport costs, not, for example, tips or other costs.

Rules concerning the price base amount are included in Chapter 2, Section 7 of the Social Insurance Code.

4.2 You can be reimbursed for a purchased ticket

You must have purchased a ticket to be entitled to a reimbursement. If your journey is delayed by more than 20 minutes and if you have not requested compensation for other transportation under Sub-clause 4.1, you are entitled to be reimbursed for a part of the price you have paid for the ticket. This proportion depends on the length of the delay.

DelayProportion repaid
20-39 minutes50 per cent
40–59 minutes75 per cent
60 minutes or more100 per cent

If you use credit, you must have touched your ticket against SL Access equipment to be able to request a reimbursement. If you are using a period ticket, the reimbursement is based on the price of the ticket divided by the number of journeys an average passenger makes during the term of validity of such a ticket. The current compensation amounts can be found on sl.se.

4.3 Submitting a complaint about a journey and requesting compensation

You must both submit a complaint about the journey and request compensation in order to be reimbursed. You can submit a complaint to SL Customer Services by phone or letter. The contact details can be found on sl.se. You can choose to request compensation at the same time as submitting your complaint or submit a request for compensation afterwards.

You must submit a complaint about your journey within two months from the delayed journey for entitlement to reimbursement. SL also accepts later complaints if these are made within a reasonable period after the journey. However, you must have a valid excuse for not submitting a complaint within two months, for example, an illness or the like.

You have three years to request compensation after submitting a complaint about the journey. If you request compensation from SL for a delay, you must make the entire claim for compensation at the same time. Thus, you cannot supplement your request afterwards.

There is a maximum amount that SL pays out for each occasion of delay. The amount is 2.5 per cent of the price base amount applicable for the year in which the journey would have ended. The exact amount is shown on sl.se. SL only compensates transport costs, not, for example, tips or other costs.

Rules concerning the price base amount are included in Chapter 2, Section 7 of the Social Insurance Code.

What a request for compensation should include

A request for compensation should include:

SL is entitled to obtain more information and further investigate your request for compensation. SL will notify the police if suspicions arise about fraud, attempted fraud or other criminal behaviour.

You should submit your original receipt if you request compensation for other transport in accordance with Sub-clause 4.1. Copies of receipts are thus not good enough. You should also enclose supporting documents showing how much you paid for the other transport. This may, for example, be a train ticket or a specification of travelling expenses if you used your own vehicle. You should include details about the time of the journey, distance travelled and whether you gave a tip if you travelled by taxi.

You can request reconsideration if you are dissatisfied

If you are dissatisfied with how SL has considered your request for compensation, you can request reconsideration. A request for reconsideration should be made in writing and include the reasons for the reconsideration request. The request must have been submitted to SL within three weeks from SL having provided information about the compensation matter.

The Act on the Rights of Public Transport Passengers (2015:953) includes rules about when the right to complain ceases.

4.4 Journeys outside SL Traffic Services and journeys with SL Traffic Services using combined tickets

SL has a limited liability to pay compensation for journeys using SL Traffic Services across the county border to Gnesta, Bålsta and Uppsala: SL only pays compensation for delays to the final destination for SL Traffic Services. SL Traffic Services has no liability to pay compensation for delays using a local travel company that is not part of SL Traffic Services.

Contact Uppsala Länstrafik if you wish to receive compensation for costs when a journey has been delayed for journeys using SL Traffic Services that take place entirely in the County of Uppsala.

Waxholmsbolaget’s timetable shows what boat services have connections to SL Traffic Services. You may receive compensation if SL’s connections are delayed. In such cases, contact SL Customer Services.

5 The lost card guarantee applies when you have registered your SL Access card

If you have registered your SL Access card on Mitt SL, you can get a new card if you lose your card, provided you notify Mitt SL of the loss or call SL Customer Services. Your card will be blocked when you have done this. The replacement card that you will receive will contain the same ticket or loaded credit amount as on the lost card at the time it was blocked.

This lost card guarantee is linked to the person who registered the card on Mitt SL on their own behalf or on behalf of a third party. A passenger must be at least 16 years old to create a Mitt SL account and be able to utilise the lost card guarantee.

There are certain restrictions for the lost card guarantee:

Contact details for SL Customer Services are available on sl.se.

6 Buy-back of period tickets and credit

SL can buy your ticket back under certain conditions if you cannot continue to use your period ticket despite it still being valid. The same applies to credit that you cannot use.

You must produce an ID for such buy-backs. You must produce a receipt to prove the content of the SL Access card if you are requesting a buy-back for a period ticket or credit bought before the purchase has been registered in SL’s system. It normally takes one day for a purchase to be registered.

6.1 Buy-back of period tickets

A period ticket is a ticket that entitles the holder to an unlimited number of journeys during a minimum period of 24 hours. You can always redeem the ticket at its full value before you start to use it.

SL only buys back activated period tickets that have a term of validity of at least 90 days from the start. The value of the ticket reduces by a certain amount every day, which means that the buy-back value becomes SEK 0 after a certain period. Applicable buy back amounts can be found on sl.se.

6.2 You may be allowed to return your period ticket if there are major changes to the service

You may be entitled to return your period ticket subject to specific criteria being met if SL makes major changes to its range of traffic service. This requires that the changes to the traffic service are of great importance to you and that you could not have anticipated the changes when you purchased the ticket.

In such cases you are entitled to be reimbursed for the period from when SL was notified by you that you wanted to return your ticket. The reimbursement amount is based on the price of the period ticket divided by the number of days for which the period ticket applied.

If you want to return a period ticket, you must contact SL and explain why the change to the range of traffic service means that the period ticket can no longer be used for the journeys you had intended.

The Act on the Rights of Public Transport Passengers (2015:953) includes rules about when you are entitled to return your period ticket.

6.3 Buy-back of credit

You can have credit redeemed at the SL Center and at the barrier ticket offices at manned commuter train stations. You may have the entire amount on your card returned.

Passengers who have an SL Access card that has expired and want SL to buy back credit loaded on the expired card must return the SL Access card in conjunction with the buy-back.

If the SL Access card has not expired, you may retain the card after SL has bought back the value on the card.

7 Accessibility guarantee for disabled passengers

SL has an accessibility guarantee for disabled passengers. This guarantees that facilities are available and lifts and escalators are working when travelling with SL Traffic Services.

The accessibility guarantee entitles you to assistance if

The assistance offered by SL according to the accessibility guarantee should help you to complete your journey with SL Traffic Services. The assistance is for example advice about alternative routes or that SL orders other kind of transportation for you, for example taxi. If that would not be possible SL reimburses you for your own cost of other kind of transportation in the way that is described in section 4.3 in these Terms and Conditions.

Contact SL Customer Services on the accessibility number +46 (0)20 120 20 22 if you require assistance. Further information is available on sl.se.

7.1 Accessibility guarantee for scheduled disruptions

Special conditions apply if SL has provided advance information about accessibility adaptations not being as good as normal at the station you have planned to start, alternatively end, your journey, for example, lifts or escalators being out of order. If there is no alternative route with SL to your final destination, you are entitled to arrange in advance other transport, either from your start station to the station (in the direction of your choice) closest to your start station that is accessible for disabled passengers; or from the station closest to your final destination that is accessible for disabled passengers, to your final destination.

7.2 Accessibility guarantee for unscheduled disruptions

Special conditions also apply if SL has not provided advance information about accessibility adaptations not being as good as normal, or about lifts or escalators being out of order. In the event that there is a risk of a delay of at least 20 minutes to your final destination owing to a lack of accessibility and there is no alternative route, you are entitled to travel to your final destination within SL Traffic Services.

7.3 Escorts and ramp services

SL offers escorts (i.e. a person to show you the way and provide assistance) at all stations and some interchanges. Any passenger who feels that they require an escort are entitled to this service. In other words, no special requirements or disabilities are required for entitlement to this service.

SL offers a ramp service at commuter stations and on the underground. This service means help to have a ramp put out to get onto, for example, a train.

Escorts and ramp services must be ordered in advance through SL Customer Services. Further information is available on sl.se.

Your obligations when travelling with SL

8 Public order and safety rules when travelling

SL Traffic Services is to be an accessible, safe and welcoming place. To ensure the comfort and safety of everyone, certain things are not permitted within SL Traffic Services. You are therefore obliged to comply with these Terms and Conditions, and the provisions of certain laws, when travelling with SL Traffic Services. You can see the applicable laws under Clause 13 of these Terms and Conditions.

8.1 Track area, vehicles and equipment

8.2 Bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, pushchairs and prams

8.3 Luggage, hazardous objects and using escalators

8.4 Animals on SL Traffic Services

8.5 Printed matter and posters

8.6 Music, alcohol and disruptive behaviour

Everyone using SL Traffic Services is obliged to comply with any safety and public order instructions given by the Traffic Service Personnel or guards. Any person who fails to comply is at risk of being removed from SL’s Compulsory Ticket Area.

9 You are responsible for your own things

When travelling with SL you should personally keep an eye on the things you have with you. You are personally responsible for preventing your items from being stolen or damaged. You are also responsible if your items damage SL's or someone else's property or injure staff or other passengers.

You are liable for the compensation if SL becomes obliged to pay compensation to another passenger or a ‘third party’ for a loss caused by something that you have brought with you.

9.1 Hand in lost property

You should always take items that you find in SL Traffic Services (lost property) to the Traffic Service Personnel. You do not receive any compensation for lost property you hand in.

SL’s liability and disputes with SL

10 SL’s liability and limitation of liability

SL’s liability for delays, cancelled journeys and the consequences of these are limited to the provisions of Clause 4.

SL’s liability for loss and for paying damages is limited to losses that SL itself has caused through negligence. This liability does not include, for example, compensation for indirect damage or indirect losses unless SL has caused the losses or injury through gross negligence or intent.

The liability rules for personal injury and certain other losses that may arise in SL Traffic Services can be found in the Railway Transport Act (1985:192) and in the Motor Traffic Damage Act (1975:1410).

11 If you end up in a dispute with SL

You should first contact SL Customer Services if you as a passenger are dissatisfied with SL’s action or have a claim against SL.

If you are unable to come to an agreement with SL, you are entitled to have the dispute resolved through ‘alternative dispute resolution’ or by referring to a general court.

SL undertakes to participate in dispute resolutions with passengers who have a claim in their capacity as private individuals in accordance with the Act on Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes. The National Board for Consumer Disputes (arn.se) is responsible for alternative dispute resolution:

National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN)
Box 174
SE-101 23 Stockholm, Sweden

Personal data and legislation

12 Personal data collected by SL

Personal data is all kind of data that can be used to identify an individual.

Personal data about you - associated with your SL journeys, your use of SL services or your communication with SL – is processed and protected by SL.

It is SL’s responsibility to secure that your personal data always is processed in accordance with applicable law and SL’s internal guidelines and routines.

You will find more information on how SL processes your personal data in the document “SL‘s behandling av personuppgifter” (in Swedish only). This document is found on www.sl.se/personuppgifter. You will also receive additional information about SL’s processing of your personal data when you leave your personal data to SL or when SL otherwise is responsible according to law, to inform you about processing of personal data that concerns you.

SL is the data controller for the processing of your personal data. There are a few exceptions from this, for example when SL processes personal data collected from you by one of SL’s business customers (for example companies or schools).

13 Laws linked to these Terms and Conditions

The following laws are linked to SL’s General Sales and Travel Terms and Conditions. If you want to read the laws in full, you can do this via, for example, riksdag.se.