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Escalator repair delayed due to corona virus

There is a total of 500 escalators in the Stockholm Public Transport facilities (SL). Their average age is 20 years, but the oldest ones are from the 1960’s. The Rinkeby escalators are from 2007. 

Rinkeby station has three escalators, one going upwards only, one going downwards only, and a third which is reversible. Many of our escalators are tailor-made, and adjusted, for the place where they are situated. Spare parts are not kept in stock, but need to be ordered and manufactured. This is why the repairs can take some time. 
At present The Stockholm Public Transport Administration is waiting for a gear for escalator no. 3 in Rinkeby. The gear has been manufactured and is ready to be transported from China. Our maintenance collaborator Thyssen reports that there are great problems with flight transport due to the spread of corona virus in Europe. 
Health care products are always prioritized which means we can’t get a confirmation for flight transport, because health care has precedence and can be moved up for transport without further notice. We have arranged for train transport instead. Estimated delivery time is about three months, which makes it difficult to announce an exact time for when the escalator will be operational. 
We will keep you posted on the development. Stay tuned for news on this web site and in the app.