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Stay at home to stop coronavirus spreading

Everyone must help in containing the spread of coronavirus. That means to restrict your use of public spaces and public transport.

Stockholm Public Transport, SL, follows the recommendations from The Public Health Agency, and is urging you to:

  • Only travel if you are healthy and don’t have any symptoms of a cold or flu
  • Only make essential journeys
  • Avoid travelling during peak hours
  • Keep a distance to other passengers and staff
  • Leave an empty seat between you and the next passenger on board buses, trains and ferries
  • Use rear doors for boarding buses
  • Wait for the next bus if the first one is too crowded
  • Completely avoid public transport if you are 70+ or have conditions that increase your risk from coronavirus.

Keeping greater distances between us when travelling, means that buses and trains will fill up more quickly. SL will run as many services as vehicles and staff allow, but we will need your help to avoid crowded buses and trains.

When working together, we can reduce the spread of coronavirus, keeping those who really need to travel and public transport staff healthy. Only make essential journeys!

Health service information on the spread of coronavirus and Covid-19 can be found at the Region Stockholm health website 1177 or the website of The Public Health Agency of Sweden