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Planned Service Changes for Summer 2020

These are the major planned service changes for this summer.

Stockholm Public Transport operates 24/7 and repairs and improvements must be made. Therefore, we sometimes have to reroute trains, buses, or other traffic. The information provided below will explain the diversions and your alternatives.

Everyone must help in containing the spread of coronavirus. That means to restrict your use of public spaces and public transport. Read more here.


The expansion of the Metro system to Nacka is affecting our service on the Metro Green Line. No trains will operate between Globen and Gullmarsplan from 22 June to 16 August. Please try to avoid travelling via Gullmarsplan by choosing other transport hubs on the Metro Green Line. A new bus line, 169C, operates between Högdalen and Cityterminalen (bus stop C, exit through gate B) every 10 minutes (weekdays only) between 06.30 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Walking between Globen and Gullmarsplan takes around 10 minutes (approx. 700 metres).


We are expanding the Tvärbanan Tram Line to Helenelund and Kista. No trams will operate between Johannesfred and Solna station from 4 to 31 July. If you must travel, replacement buses, line 22B, operate between Alvik and Solna station. The weekend 11 – 12 July from 9.30 p.m. on Saturday, no trams operate between Liljeholmen and Solna station. Buses on line 22B will replace the tram service.

Roslagsbanan Light rail

Kårsta Line

We are extending double tracking from Täby kyrkby to Kragstalund on the Light rail Kårsta Line. From 11 June to 12 December, no trains operate between Täby kyrkby and Kårsta. If you must travel, replacement buses operate to/from Täby kyrkby.   

Österskär Line

Due to planned track work along the Light rail Österskär line, no trains will operate between Åkers Runö/Rydbo and Österskär from 6 to 15 August. If you must travel, replacement buses operate between Åkers Runö/Rydbo and Österskär. When service is back to normal on the Österskär Line, the fast trains from Österskär will start to operate again and the double-tracks to Åkersberga Station will have opened. 

Commuter trains

The Transport Administration are extending the double tracking on the Mälaren Line railway between Tomteboda and Kallhäll. This is affecting our commuter train service. No trains will operate between Sundbyberg and Jakobsberg from 4 to 26 July. If you must travel, replacement buses will take you to the Metro Blue Line for further travel to Stockholm City.