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Are you entitled a Young Person's Travelcard 2018?

Children and young people attending school within the Stockholm County can use public transportation for free this summer, if holding a "Young Person's travelcard".

This year, every child and young person in the Stockholm County that has finished

  • Grades 6–9 in compulsory school, compulsory school for pupils with learning disabilities or Sami school,
  • Grades 6–10 in special school and
  • Grades 1 and 2 in upper secondary school or in upper secondary school for pupils with learning disabilities

will receive a free travelcard for travel in the SL network during the summer holidays.

If you are entitled a Young Person's Travelcard 2018, an SL Access Card will be sent to you by mail before June 16. The card is valid 24/7 every weekday from 16 June through 9 August 2018. 

If you are using Community Transport (door-to-door transport for people with mobility impairments) your journeys will not be debited from June 16 through August 9. Additional costs apply for specific needs such as bringing a pet, more information at

Lost cards will be replaced only if they’ve been registered

If you are a permanent resident with a Swedish personal ID-number ("personnummer") you can protect your SL Access card against loss or theft.

Just register your SL Access card through Mitt SL,'s user account. The card - and its contents - is then protected if it is lost or stolen. Simply report it missing through Mitt SL and thus cancel the card. You will be sent a new card with the same content to your registered residential address.

How to register your card:

  • The card number is on the back of the card and you register it in Mitt SL, your personal pages at
  • You have to be at least 16 to start a Mitt SL account. If you're younger than 16, ask a parent or another adult to help you.
  • If you already have a Mitt SL account, you only need to register the new card number.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact SL Customer Services on 08-600 10 00 or ask any member of staff.