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Discontinued zonal system and fare changes

When the zonal system is discontinued on 9 January 2017, fixed fares will be introduced for single-journey tickets, students will be entitled to discounted fares for almost all types of tickets, and fares for travelcards will increase.

The following changes to SL tickets and fares will take place on 9 January 2017.

  • The zonal system will be discontinued for passengers travelling with single-journey tickets, which will now cost a fixed fare regardless of journey length (within 75 minutes).
  • The terms full fare and reduced fare will be replaced with the adult fare category and the senior, student, young person fare category (discounted fares).
  • Adult students in possession of a valid student ID with the SL logo on it who study at least ¾ time will be entitled to discounted fares for almost all SL tickets.
  • Fares for travelcards will increase for the first time since 2011.
  • Passengers travelling across the county boundary to Gnesta or Bålsta will no longer need to pay an extension fare.

Fixed fares for single-journey tickets

If you travel on single-journey tickets purchased with SL Access credit, by mobile phone, in a ticket booth/ticket vending machine or as a single-use travelcard, you no longer need to know how many zones you will be travelling in. You pay a fixed fare for your ticket and then travel as far as you like for 75 minutes. It will still be cheaper to pay for your single journey using SL Access credit, SEK 30 for adults, and more expensive if you purchase a cash ticket from a conductor, SEK 60 for adults.

Easier to choose the right fare with the new categories

Fares will be divided into two fare categories, adult, equivalent to the old “full fare” and senior, student, young person, which corresponds to the old “reduced fare”. The reason for the change is to make it easier for passengers to understand which ticket they should buy.

Discount tickets

If you are a senior citizen (65+), a student or a young person under 20, you are entitled to a discounted fare when you buy a ticket. This fare category now includes adult students in possession of a valid student ID with the SL logo on it who are studying at least ¾ time. For seniors, the same rules apply as before. If you are over 65, you are always entitled to a discounted fare. If you are retired person aged under 65, you are entitled to a discount if you can produce a certificate from the Swedish Pensions Agency (Pensionsmyndigheten) or the Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan).

School travelcards and freetime travelcards for school students

Travelcards for school students aged under 20 will be retained and have extra discounts. These are only valid for children and young people aged under 20.

Fare increases for travelcards

All fares for travelcards will increase on 9 January, which is the first fare increase since 1 September 2011. A 30-day travelcard for adults will now cost SEK 830 and the new fare for seniors, students and young people will be SEK 550.
As the zonal system is being discontinued, travelcards for local travel in Norrtälje and Södertälje will also be discontinued. The same applies to travelcards with the Bålsta extension as the extension fare for crossing the county boundary will no longer be required.