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Transport accessibility

Public transport in Stockholm is accessible to most people. Here is accessibility in brief, for more detailed information, see the Swedish pages or call Customer Services +46 8 600 10 00. You can also download our leaflet about accessibility in Stockholm's public transport. It's called "Everyone has their own way of travelling" and is available for download in the link section below this text.

  • Accessible Metro, commuter train, light railway and tram stations: Trains and the platforms are at the same level at nearly all stations.
  • Due to the gap between the platform and the train wheelchair users need ramp service to board the commuter trains. Call Customer Services for additional information.
  • All buses have floor level access, when travelling in urban and suburban areas. In rural areas, this is more difficult to achieve, as there are fewer bus stops with kerbs in the right height.
  • All buses have ramps, so that you who use a wheelchair or a walker (frame device) easily can get on and off even at bus stops where there is height difference between the bus floor and the ground. 
  • There are audio-visual digital information displays on all buses, in recent model Metro carriages, on Nockebybanan, Tvärbanan and City trams, and in the commuter trains, showing line information and the name of the approaching station. 
  • There are digital information displays and automatic service announcements in bus terminals and at frequently used bus stops.
  • You can book guiding assistance at all Metro stations, commuter rail stations and at larger bus and light rail terminals. Call Accessibility Customer Services in advance to book.  

Accessibility Customers Service

If you call from a Swedish phone network there is a toll free number to our Customer Services specialized in accessibility information. Call toll free 020 120 20 22 - open 24 hours.