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With a travelcard, you can travel as much as you like throughout the county for the duration of the card. Travelcards are generally the best buy for a visitor who plans to use public transport regularly during the stay.

You can buy single use travelcards for 24 and 72 hours, or load any type of travelcard on an SL Access smart card. The 24 hour travelcard and the 72 hour travelcard are also available as mobile tickets via the smart phone app "SL-Reseplanerare och biljetter" (SL Journeyplanner and tickets).

Fares from 3 January 2020

You pay adult fare if you are between 20 and 64 years old. You pay the discounted fare if you are over 65 years of age, a student holding a Swedish student identity card with the SL logotype, or if you are under 20 years of age. 

  • 24 hours: SEK 155 (adult fare); SEK 105 (discounted fare)
  • 72 hours: SEK 310 (adult fare); SEK 210 (discounted fare)
  • 7 days*: SEK 405 (adult fare); SEK 270 (discounted fare)

* Only available with an SL Access card. If you don't have an SL Access smart card already, there will be an extra 20 SEK fee for the card itself. You can re-use an SL Access card that you have obtained at a previous visit.

Validity of your travelcard

7 days travelcards, and travelcards for longer periods of time, are valid from 00.00 on the first day of travel until 04.30 on the day after the travelcard expires. The 24 hour and 72 hour travelcards are valid for the chosen number of hours from the time of first use.

Travelcards are transferable and can be used by several travellers, but only one at a time.

All travelcards are valid for travel on the Djurgården ferries between Slussen and Djurgården, as well as commuter ferries 80 and 89.