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Tickets for students

Adult full-time students carrying a student ID with SL logotype can use any SL ticket available at the discounted fare. If you don't have a valid student ID, you pay the adult fare.

Adult students (over 20 years of age) studying for at least 75 percent of full-time studies at university or other type of college eligible for Swedish student financial aid.

Remember your ID card and student ID when travelling

When travelling and at ticket inspections, you should be prepared to show your ID card and a valid student ID. Remember that you must have a valid student ID for the entire period that your ticket/travelcard is valid. If your student ID runs out during the term, you need to obtain a new one before you can continue to use the discounted fare.

Accepted student ID cards are "Studentkortet" and "Mecenatkortet", both available as a digital app. All approved forms of student ID bear the SL logotype.

Protect against loss or theft

If you are a permanent resident with a Swedish personal ID-number ("personnummer") you can protect your SL Access card against loss or theft.

Just register your SL Access card through Mitt SL,'s user account. The card - and its contents - is then protected if it is lost or stolen. Simply report it missing through Mitt SL and thus cancel the card. You will be sent a new card with the same content to your home address.

Use the link below to create a new account or log in to one you already have.