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The SL Access card

You need an SL Access card for most ticket and travelcard types. There are also single use travelcards suitable for visitors. They are both used in the same way. 

You can travel anywhere in the SL network using the SL Access card. Card readers are a bright cyan blue colour, and are found just inside the front door on board the buses, on the automatic ticket barriers at Metro and commuter rail stations, on SL ticket posts at light rail stops and stations, and are carried by the conductor and ticket inspectors on board certain light rail trains and trams.

Just hold your card on the card reader for a moment and you will get a green light and an audible signal - one beep for full price and two beeps for reduced price tickets/travelcards.

Get a card

When buying a ticket at most ticket agents, all SL Centers or at commuter rail stations you will get the tickets on an SL Access card. The card fee is 20 SEK and you can reload your card over and over again for several years.

If you want to buy your ticket at an SL Access ATM, you need to purchase an SL Access card first or reuse a card you already have.

Keep the card, it is functional for about six years and you can reload it with new tickets if you come back to Stockholm again.

Check card content 

In SL Access ATMs and at the SL ticket posts, you can get information about your card content, how long it is valid for and if you have a ticket which validity has not yet begun loaded on the card. Just select "Check card contents" on the screen and follow the instructions.

When you use the card on the card reader on board a bus, you'll see the end date for your ticket in the small display on the reader.

Protect against loss or theft

If you are a permanent resident with a Swedish personal ID-number ("personnummer") you can protect your SL Access card against loss or theft.

Just register your SL Access card through Mitt SL,'s user account. The card - and its contents - is then protected if it is lost or stolen. Simply report it missing through Mitt SL and thus cancel the card. You will be sent a new card with the same content to your registered residential address.

Use the link below to create a new account or log in to one you already have.