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Penalties and enforcement

You will be liable to pay a penalty fare in addition to the full single fare if you travel without a valid ticket.

The penalty fare is SEK 1500. In addition, you pay the price of a single-journey ticket, for adults that is SEK 50, and for seniors, students and young persons it is SEK 34. 

If you don't pay the penalty fare (or successfully appeal) within 10 days, we will take further action. 

Your ticket must cover your entire journey.

How to appeal

Ticket inspection and penalty fares are handled by ISS for SL. You make your appeal to ISS. You must appeal within 10 days using e-mail, post or fax:


ISS Facility Services AB 
Box 307
751 05 Uppsala

Fax number: +46 (0)18 18 41 02.

Enquires by phone: +46 (0)18 480 88 58.

Please include the following information with your appeal:

  • Journey start time and station
  • Daytime telephone number or email address
  • Statement explaining why you couldn't produce a valid ticket for your journey

If your appeal is unsuccessful, you will be notified and advised what to do next. If you don't pay the penalty fare, we will take further action.