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Travelling with children

There are travel discounts for children and young people travelling on SL services. It may even be for free.

There is a general discount for children 6-19 years old called senior, student and young person fare.

An unlimited number of children under the age of 7 always travel free when accompanied by a passenger with a ticket.

Children under the age of 6 are not allowed to travel unaccompanied.

Weekends and public holidays

From 12 noon on Friday and all weekend, up to six children under the age of 12 may travel for free when accompanied by an adult ticket holder. This also applies to public holidays and the following days and times:

  • From 00:00 on the day before a public holiday to 24.00 on the public holiday,
  • 00:00-24:00 on the day after Ascension Day,
  • 12:00-24:00 on the day before Midsummer’s Eve,
  • Midsummer's Eve,
  • From 00:00 on 23 December to 24:00 on 6 January.

Children in prams and buggies

On board most of the buses one passenger per pram/buggy is allowed to board through the exit doors free of charge. This is allowed even if the child is not in the baby carriage when boarding. This is so that the child is not left unattended.

When transporting an empty pram or buggy you must have a valid ticket.

If the tickets are not inspected by the bus driver, e.g. at the Liljeholmen bus terminal, you will need a ticket. When travelling on the Metro, trains or trams, you must always have a ticket.