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Where to buy your ticket

There are a number of places to buy your ticket in the Stockholm area. 

You can buy all types of tickets at all Metro stations' ticket offices.

Other ticket agents have the SL logo displayed on flags or stickers. There are about 350 agents with the full range of tickets, and about 420 agents with a smaller range of tickets, such as single use travelcards and single journey tickets, throughout the Stockholm area. Find them by using the map on the start page, ticking the box for sales points. 

SL Access tickets, travelcards and pay as you go-credit

If you will use SL public transport frequently during your stay, it is probably most convenient to have the reloadable SL Access card and purchase a ticket of your choice at the ticket machines or at a ticket agent to add on the card. 

Travelcards for periods from 24 hours up to 1 year can be added to your SL Access card, as well as single journey tickets and SL Access credit ('reskassa') for pay as you go tickets. The 24 hour travelcard and the 72 hour travelcard are also available as mobile tickets via the SL smart phone app.

Buy at: 

  • SL Access self-service ticket machines at Metro and train stations (you need an SL Access card in advance to add your ticket to)
  • Ticket offices at Metro and commuter rail stations
  • SL Customer Services ("Kundtjänst") center
  • Tickets agents displaying the SL logotype on flags or stickers
  • The web shop on the Swedish section of (available to add on to your card one day after purchase).
  • The smart phone app "SL-Reseplanerare och biljetter" (SL Journeyplanner and tickets), where the 24 hour travelcard and the 72 hour travelcard can be bought.

You buy the SL Access card for 20 SEK at ticket agents, Metro and commuter rail stations and SL Centers, before you add tickets to the card.

Keep the card for your next visit. It is re-useable for up to six years.

Single use travelcards

These tickets are suitable for visitors. Available as single journey tickets, and for 24 hours and 72 hours. You can buy the cards in advance, the validity starts the first time you use them. 

Buy at: 

  • SL Center
  • Arlanda Airport
  • Stockholm Central station
  • Certain hotels 
  • Small scale ticket agents, such as tobacconists

Make sure to touch in on a card reader to start the validity on your first journey.

Single journey tickets

Single journey tickets can be bought in several different ways. All single journey tickets are valid for 75 minutes. Time starts when you buy the ticket, except for the tickets on single use cards, which can be bought in advance. 

Buy your ticket: 

  • At SL Access self-service ticket machines - add to your SL Access card or print as paper ticket
  • At the ticket office at Metro or commuter rail stations
  • At ticket agents who sell single journey tickets on single use cards
  • With the smart phone app "SL-Reseplanerare och biljetter" (SL Journeyplanner and tickets)
  • With SL Access credit ('reskassa') when boarding a bus, passing a barrier at the Metro station or from a conductor on trams or light rail trains, and on ticket posts on tram stops and ferry jetties.

Buy before boarding a bus or light rail lines

Our busdrivers and conductors on light rail trains* do not handle cash, so make sure you have a ticket when you board the bus or train. 

* You can pay for your ticket with cash on the Stockholm City tramline for Djurgården.