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8. Public order and safety rules when travelling

This is clause 8 in the part "Your obligations when travelling with SL" in SL's general terms and conditions. You find the full version of the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page in a pdf. It is the general terms and conditions in Swedish that are legally binding.

SL Traffic Services is to be an accessible, safe and welcoming place. To ensure the comfort and safety of everyone, certain things are not permitted within SL Traffic Services. You are therefore obliged to comply with these Terms and Conditions, and the provisions of certain laws, when travelling with SL Traffic Services. You can see the applicable laws under Clause 13 of these Terms and Conditions.

8.1 Track area, vehicles and equipment

  • You may not be on SL’s track area other than at specially designated locations, for example, public crossings.
  • You may not climb onto nor be on the outside of a vehicle. Nor may you tamper with devices such as control gear and signalling devices.
  • You may not use the equipment in SL Traffic Services incorrectly, resulting in damage to, for example, vehicles, lifts, escalators and toilets.

8.2 Bicycles, kick scooters, electric kick scooters, rollerblades, skateboards, pushchairs and prams

  • You may not bring bicycles or electric kick scooters into SL Traffic Services. An exception applies for folded bicycles, small children’s bicycles without a chain, folded electric kick scooters (smaller than 120 cm when folded), and ordinary kick scooters. Additionally, bicycles and electric kick scooters that are not folded may be brought onto a commuter train and the Saltsjö Line (Saltsjöbanan) at certain times and on certain routes. Detailed information is available on
  • You may not cycle or use a skateboard, kick scooter, electric kick scooter, rollerblades or the like inside SL’s Compulsory Ticket Area.
  • The maximum permitted length of prams or pushchairs is 120 cm. There is no limitation on their width.
  • You may not park bicycles, kick scooters or electric kick scooters in SL’s Compulsory Ticket Area other than at designated locations. Bicycles, kick scooters and electric kick scooters may not be parked so that they may cause someone an injury.

8.3 Luggage, hazardous objects and using escalators

  • You may not take bulky luggage or any items with you that are more than two metres in length. You may not take luggage or other items that may be dangerous or cause others discomfort.
  • Luggage and other belongings shall be kept on the floor, under the seat, in a special luggage area or on your lap throughout the journey. Furthermore, luggage and other belongings shall otherwise be handled in such a manner that they do not inconvenience other passengers or staff within SL Traffic Services.
  • You may not leave luggage and other belongings unattended. SL’s staff may seize belongings that have been left and are not locked in a storage box.
  • You may not use escalators and moving walkways to transport prams, pushchairs, bicycles, wheelchairs, transport or grocery carriages, trolleys, goods, heavy luggage or similar. These items must be transported in lifts or ramps for safety reasons.

8.4 Animals on SL Traffic Services

  • You may not take animals that are not on a lead or in a bag or cage.
  • Animals may only be kept at the rear of the bus or carriage or parts of the carriage that are not marked with a prohibition sign (this does not apply to guide dogs).
  • You may take no more than two animals, unless the animals are in a bag or cage.

8.5 Printed matter and posters

  • You may not sell or distribute printed matter on board a vehicle or in SL’s Compulsory Ticket Area without SL’s written permission.
  • You may not put up posters or the like without SL’s written permission.

8.6 Music, alcohol and disruptive behaviour

  • You may not perform music without SL’s written permission.
  • You may not smoke, litter or prepare or consume food that might make other passengers uncomfortable.
  • You may not drink alcohol.
  • You may not lie on the seats or lie or sit on the floor.
  • You may not harass anyone or otherwise act in a disruptive manner.
  • You may not act in such a way that others may become concerned about you becoming dangerous or disrupting public order on the traffic service.

Everyone using SL Traffic Services is obliged to comply with any safety and public order instructions given by the Traffic Service Personnel or guards. Any person who fails to comply is at risk of being removed from SL’s Compulsory Ticket Area.