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7. Accessibility guarantee for disabled passengers

This is clause 7 in the part "Your rights when travelling with SL" in SL's general terms and conditions. You find the full version of the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page in a pdf. It is the general terms and conditions in Swedish that are legally binding.

SL has an accessibility guarantee for disabled passengers. This guarantees that facilities are available and lifts and escalators are working when travelling with SL Traffic Services.

The accessibility guarantee entitles you to assistance if

  • A facility or vehicle is not as accessible as stated on
  • You cannot complete your journey because lifts or escalators are not working.
  • You disembark at the wrong station or stop owing to incorrect or a lack of information in the announcements in the vehicle or at the station or stop.
  • SL does not ensure that a pre-ordered escort or ramp service is available at the confirmed time.

The assistance offered by SL according to the accessibility guarantee should help you to complete your journey with SL Traffic Services. The assistance is for example advice about alternative routes or that SL orders other kind of transportation for you, for example taxi. If that would not be possible SL reimburses you for your own cost of other kind of transportation in the way that is described in section 4.3 in these Terms and Conditions.

Contact SL Customer Services on the accessibility number +46 (0)20-120 20 22 if you require assistance. Further information is available on

7.1 Accessibility guarantee for scheduled disruptions

Special conditions apply if SL has provided advance information about accessibility adaptations not being as good as normal at the station you have planned to start, alternatively end, your journey, for example, lifts or escalators being out of order. If there is no alternative route with SL to your final destination, you are entitled to arrange in advance other transport, either from your start station to the station (in the direction of your choice) closest to your start station that is accessible for disabled passengers; or from the station closest to your final destination that is accessible for disabled passengers, to your final destination.

7.2 Accessibility guarantee for unscheduled disruptions

Special conditions also apply if SL has not provided advance information about accessibility adaptations not being as good as normal, or about lifts or escalators being out of order. In the event that there is a risk of a delay of at least 20 minutes to your final destination owing to a lack of accessibility and there is no alternative route, you are entitled to travel to your final destination within SL Traffic Services.

7.3 Escorts and ramp services

SL offers escorts (i.e. a person to show you the way and provide assistance) at all stations and some interchanges. Any passenger who feels that they require an escort are entitled to this service. In other words, no special requirements or disabilities are required for entitlement to this service.

SL offers a ramp service at commuter stations and on the underground. This service means help to have a ramp put out to get onto, for example, a train.

Escorts and ramp services must be ordered in advance through SL Customer Services. Further information is available on