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4. You can receive compensation if your journey is delayed

This is clause 4 in the part "Your rights when travelling with SL" in SL's general terms and conditions. You find the full version of the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page in a pdf. It is the general terms and conditions in Swedish that are legally binding.

You are entitled to compensation if there is a risk of delays in SL Traffic Services. However, you can only receive compensation for reasonable costs. The same rules apply when there has been a delay that has affected you.

A journey is counted as ‘delayed’ if you arrive at your final destination later than shown in the timetable. SL does not pay any compensation for scheduled changes to the timetable if SL has provided information about the change on at least three days in advance.

SL’s responsibility for delays, cancelled departures and the consequences of these are limited to what is reported here. SL thus does not compensate any costs or losses other than those stated in these Terms and Conditions.

The rules about what you can receive compensation for when travelling are contained in the Act on the Rights of Public Transport Passengers (2015:953).

4.1 You can receive compensation for the cost of other transport

You are entitled to compensation for the additional costs you incur to reach your final destination on time if you have reason to assume that you will be delayed in reaching your final destination by more than 20 minutes. This may, for example, involve the cost of having to travel by taxi, car or using another transport company.

4.2 You can be reimbursed for a purchased ticket

You must have purchased a ticket to be entitled to a reimbursement. If your journey is delayed by more than 20 minutes and if you have not requested compensation for other transportation under Sub-clause 4.1, you are entitled to be reimbursed for a part of the price you have paid for the ticket. This proportion depends on the length of the delay.

  • Delay of 20–39 minutes = 50 per cent proportion repaid
  • Delay of 40–59 minutes = 75 per cent proportion repaid
  • Delay of 60 minutes or more = 100 per cent proportion repaid

If you use credit, you must have touched your ticket against SL Access equipment to be able to request a reimbursement. If you are using a period ticket, the reimbursement is based on the price of the ticket divided by the number of journeys an average passenger makes during the term of validity of such a ticket. The current compensation amounts can be found on

4.3 Submitting a complaint about a journey and requesting compensation

You must both submit a complaint about the journey and request compensation in order to be reimbursed. You can submit a complaint to SL Customer Services by phone or letter. The contact details can be found on You can choose to request compensation at the same time as submitting your complaint or submit a request for compensation afterwards.

You must submit a complaint about your journey within two months from the delayed journey for entitlement to reimbursement. SL also accepts later complaints if these are made within a reasonable period after the journey. However, you must have a valid excuse for not submitting a complaint within two months, for example, an illness or the like.

You have three years to request compensation after submitting a complaint about the journey. If you request compensation from SL for a delay, you must make the entire claim for compensation at the same time. Thus, you cannot supplement your request afterwards.

There is a maximum amount that SL pays out for each occasion of delay. The amount is 2.5 per cent of the price base amount applicable for the year in which the journey would have ended. The exact amount is shown on SL only compensates transport costs, not, for example, tips or other costs.

Rules concerning the price base amount are included in Chapter 2, Section 7 of the Social Insurance Code.

What a request for compensation should include
A request for compensation should include:

  • Name, personal identity (ID) number and address.
  • Information about the delayed journey.
  • An account of why you consider you are entitled to compensation.
  • Information about what ticket you had. (If you travelled using credit or a period ticket, you should state the number of your SL Access card. If you had a different kind of ticket, you should send in the original ticket.)
  • A claim for costs (reimbursement or compensation for other transport).
  • Account number for compensation payments.

SL is entitled to obtain more information and further investigate your request for compensation. SL will notify the police if suspicions arise about fraud, attempted fraud or other criminal behaviour.

You should submit your original receipt if you request compensation for other transport in accordance with Sub-clause 4.1. Copies of receipts are thus not good enough. You should also enclose supporting documents showing how much you paid for the other transport. This may, for example, be a train ticket or a specification of travelling expenses if you used your own vehicle. You should include details about the time of the journey, distance travelled and whether you gave a tip if you travelled by taxi.

You can request reconsideration if you are dissatisfied
If you are dissatisfied with how SL has considered your request for compensation, you can request reconsideration. A request for reconsideration should be made in writing and include the reasons for the reconsideration request. The request must have been submitted to SL within three weeks from SL having provided information about the compensation matter.

The Act on the Rights of Public Transport Passengers (2015:953) includes rules about when the right to complain ceases.

4.4 Journeys outside SL Traffic Services and journeys with SL Traffic Services using combined tickets

SL has a limited liability to pay compensation for journeys using SL Traffic Services across the county border to Gnesta, Bålsta and Uppsala: SL only pays compensation for delays to the final destination for SL Traffic Services. SL Traffic Services has no liability to pay compensation for delays using a local travel company that is not part of SL Traffic Services.

Contact Uppsala Länstrafik if you wish to receive compensation for costs when a journey has been delayed for journeys using SL Traffic Services that take place entirely in the County of Uppsala.

Waxholmsbolaget’s timetable shows what boat services have connections to SL Traffic Services. You may receive compensation if SL’s connections are delayed. In such cases, contact SL Customer Services.