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2. Range of traffic services, tickets and prices

This is clause 2 in the part "Tickets, prices and special terms and conditions" in SL's general terms and conditions. You find the full version of the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page in a pdf. It is the general terms and conditions in Swedish that are legally binding.

Region Stockholm and SL jointly decide on

  • the range of traffic services, i.e. timetables and routes
  • the range of tickets, i.e. what kinds of tickets are available
  • the prices, i.e. what a ticket should cost.

They are also entitled to change these. You will always be able to find the current range of traffic services, range of tickets and prices on

2.1 You must have a valid ticket

You must have a valid ticket for your entire journey when travelling using SL. You must also have a ticket when you are inside SL’s Compulsory Ticket Area but are not travelling, thus inside SL’s ‘barrier line’.

If your ticket does not have a set starting time, you must activate your ticket to validate it. This applies to, for instance, period tickets and single-journey tickets using the SL Access card. You activate the ticket the first time you touch it on an SL card reader.

A single-journey ticket is valid on SL card readers for 75 minutes from its starting time. The starting time is either when you activate the ticket or when you purchase the ticket, depending on the type of single-journey ticket purchased.

Tickets purchased via the SL App are valid for 75 minutes from when you purchased them. They are only valid on the phone on which you purchased the ticket.

You can travel on your single-journey ticket until you have reached your final destination even when the journey takes more than 75 minutes, as long you do not make any changes that require you to retouch your ticket after 75 minutes have passed. If 75 minutes have passed since your ticket was activated, you will have to buy a new ticket if a change means that you have to retouch your ticket. This applies, for example, if you need to go through a new barrier line or if you get onto another bus, light railway line, commuter ferry, or tram where you have to retouch your ticket. However, you can change if you are already inside a closed barrier system, for example if you are travelling on a commuter or underground train and are changing within the barrier line.

You may only board a train without having bought a ticket in advance if tickets are sold on-board. Tram Line 7 (Spårväg City) is the only line where you can buy single-journey tickets from the conductor. However, remember that the conductor does not give change for notes over SEK 100.

You can find out about the different tickets and how they work on

2.2 Travel across county borders

Parts of SL Traffic Services pass through the county borders to Uppsala and the County of Södermanland. Special rules and tickets apply in certain cases in order to travel to and from adjacent counties. Further information is available on

2.3 Discounted price for children, young people, students and pensioners

Some passengers pay a lower, discounted price. These prices are shown in the price list on

  • Children under the age of 6 always travel free. However, for safety reasons they may never travel alone.
  • Children under the age of 7 may travel free with another person over the age of 7 with a valid ticket.
  • Children and young people may travel at a discounted price from and including when they turn 6 until the day they reach the age of 20. A period ticket bought at a discounted price may be used by a person who has reached the age of 20 during the period to which the period ticket applies.
  • Pensioners are entitled to travel at a discounted price from and including the day on which they reach the age of 65. The discounted price also applies to those under the age of 65 who can produce the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s ‘Benefits Certificate' or the Swedish Pensions Agency’s ‘Pension Certificate’.
  • Students who have reached the age of 20 are entitled to travel at a discounted price if they can produce their ID card and a valid student ID card with the SL logo.

2.3.1 Special rules during weekends and holidays

Special rules apply for weekends and certain major holidays. Passengers over the age of 18 who are travelling using a valid ticket can at those times, bring up to six children who have reached the age of seven but not the age of twelve, without any extra charge.

  • Weekends
    From Friday 12:00 to Sunday 24:00
  • Easter (March/April)
    From Thursday 00:00 to Monday 24:00
  • Walpurgis
    From 30 April 00:00 to 1 May 24:00
  • Ascension (May)
    From Wednesday 00:00 to Sunday 24:00
  • National Day
    From 5 June 00:00 to 6 June 24:00
  • Midsummer (June)
    From Thursday 12:00 to Sunday 24:00
  • All Saints Day (October/November)
    From Friday 00:00 to Sunday 24:00
  • Christmas
    From 23 December 00:00 to 6 January 24:00

2.3.2 Prams and pushchairs

If you have a child in a pushchair or pram, you can travel free on SL’s buses if you are travelling on a bus with a driver to check passenger tickets. The maximum permitted length of the pushchair or pram is 120 cm.

2.4 Special conditions when purchasing tickets on

Passengers over the age of 18 can buy period tickets and SL Access cards on Passengers under the age of 18 can buy tickets on if they have the consent of their guardian. Further information about how to pay for your ticket is available on

The delivery period for purchases of SL Access cards on is normally four working days. However, this may be longer during major holidays.

2.4.1 You must download your ticket or credit yourself.

When you have purchased a ticket or credit (Sw. reskassa) on, you must personally download the ticket or credit for the SL Access card within 60 days. You can do this at a barrier, on a bus or using any other SL Access equipment. After 60 days, you can no longer download your ticket or credit. In this case, SL automatically repays the amount paid to the credit card used for the purchase.

You must personally activate your period ticket
When you have downloaded a period ticket onto your SL Access card, you must also activate the ticket within 60 days at a barrier, on a bus or using any other SL Access equipment. SL may repay the money if you do not activate your ticket, provided you contact Customer Services and request this no later than two years after the download.

You can transfer your credit to a new card
Unused credit downloaded to your SL Access card will remain there for the life of the card, which is six years. You can then transfer the credit to a new card no later than one year following expiry of the life of the card. After that, SL may buy back the credit in accordance with Sub-clause 6.3.

2.5 Special Conditions when ordering an automatic credit top-up

An automatic credit top-up means that your credit is automatically topped up by SEK 200 if you purchase a ticket that costs more than your credit balance.

The following is required for you to be able to use automatic top-ups:

  • You have registered your SL Access card on a Mitt SL account on
  • You have provided a credit card number to be used for top-ups.
  • You have activated the service at a barrier, on a bus or using any other SL Access equipment within 180 days after ordering it. (The earliest you can do this is on the day after the order.)

2.5.1 How paying by automatic top-ups works

Your credit card will be charged following an automatic top-up. If there is insufficient money in your account, the service is automatically cancelled and you cannot use it.

SL will make three further attempts to debit the account. If the payment goes through on a subsequent attempt, the service is automatically reactivated. If the payment does not go through on any of the three attempts, SL will transfer its claim to PayEx Sverige AB (PayEx), organization number 556735-5671, S:t Hansaplan 1, 621 88 Visby. PayEx will then send an invoice on the outstanding amount. Payment with liberating effect can in
those cases only be made to PayEx on the account provided by PayEx.

If the credit card holder does not pay the invoice, SL permanently closes the service. After the invoice is paid, you can order the service again through SL Customer Services.

The process when PayEx issues invoices

  • PayEx sends the invoice to the credit cardholders’ registered address by post.
  • The invoice should be paid within fourteen days counted from the date of the invoice.
  • If payment is not made on time, a payment reminder will be sent by PayEx, including a statutory reminder charge. There will also be interest for delay of the repo + 19.00 %, though the least 20 %.


2.6 Payment on

SL does not administer the technical platform for credit card payments and invoicing. It is PayEx that administers credit card charging. If there is insufficient money in the account, PayEx will instead send an invoice.

2.7 Special Conditions when purchasing tickets via the mobile app

You can buy tickets via the mobile app SL – Reseplanerare och biljetter [Travel planner and tickets], and pay by using your credit card or swish. Find out about how to download the mobile app on

Tickets that you purchase via your mobile app start to apply immediately and cannot be saved for later travel. The tickets are valid for 75 minutes.

2.7.1 You personally pay for traffic charges when purchasing a ticket

Your telephone network operator may impose traffic charges when you register and use the ticket app. You must pay for these charges yourself.

2.7.2 It is prohibited to share tickets with others

You may not share or forward a ticket that you have purchased via your mobile app. Such tickets are not personal, but are only valid on the mobile phone from which they have been purchased.

2.7.3 SL’s liability for the mobile app

SL does not guarantee that the mobile app will always function or that it is always possible to purchase a ticket. Nor is SL liable for any problems that may arise when your mobile app does not function or because the ticket is wrong or cannot be used. However, SL will rectify any technical faults of which it becomes aware.

SL is entitled to stop selling tickets via the mobile app at any time, and also change the content of these services. Information about such changes will be available on

2.7.4 Payment

It is PayEx Sverige AB that administers the card payment services in the mobile app. For payment with swish, you need a swish-app and a mobile Bank-ID. You will find more information at

2.7.5 SL may block you from purchasing tickets via your mobile app

SL may block you from purchasing tickets via your mobile app. This may arise, for example, if SL suspects that you have misused the service or have used it in a way that is not permitted. It may also arise if SL considers that you should be blocked for technical or security reasons and to protect the interests of SL or other parties.

SL do not have to give advance notice when blocking someone.

What is regarded as misuse of a service at SL?
‘Misuse’ includes all kinds of fraud, ticket sharing, false purchases or false information. SL reports all misuse to the Police or the Swedish Prosecution Authority.

2.8 You do not have any right of withdrawal

You do not have any right of withdrawal when purchasing tickets through or the mobile app. These Terms and Conditions include the applicable rules for making a complaint or returning a ticket.

Rules concerning the right of withdrawal are found in the Distance and Doorstep Sales Act (2005:59).