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SL Security Centre

Call the Security Centre toll free 020 120 25 25 (from Swedish phone numbers and SIM cards only) if you wish to report threats, violence or vandalism. The Security Centre is open 24 hours. 

The Security Centre organises guards and other supervisors of SL’s services. They also run the surveillance cameras in the Metro stations.

If the situation is particularly threatening or dangerous, you should of course contact the police in the first instance. The Emergency number in Sweden is 112.

CCTV and surveillance cameras

SL operate CCTV and surveillance cameras throughout the whole system of public transport for safety and security reasons. The cameras are used to capture and monitor images of events that takes place on board vehicles and on stations and platforms. Only trained operators are allowed to view and access the recorded material and the footage is only kept for a limited time.

Some SL employees are issued with body worn cameras. The cameras are worn clearly visible and are only switched on in the event of an incident.

SL handle all personal data in compliance to national and EU regulations. If you have any concerns or want to access your personal data, contact SL Customer Services for advice on how to proceed, telephone +46 8 600 10 00. 

Information on how SL handle all personal data is given in Swedish only in this document