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Zone tickets

Zone tickets are ideal if you just make the occasional journey with public transport during your stay in Stockholm. Zone tickets are available from ticket machines and from SL Center and ticket agents, and come in different format.

The SL area is divided into three zones: A, B and C. You can buy single zone tickets for travel in one, two or three zones from our ticket machines, with the text-me-a-ticket (a text message ticket to your mobile phone) and smart phone app services.

Change before time runs out

What all types of zone tickets have in common are that you can travel as much as you like until the ticket expires. The ticket is valid for travel in the number of zones you have paid for. If your journey involves any interchanges, you have to make the final change before the ticket expires.

The period of validity is printed on tickets from vending machines, and is given in text message/app tickets and in zone tickets stored on SL Access cards and single use travelcards. Zone tickets that have been purchased for travel in all three zones are valid for two hours from the time of purchase, the others are valid for 75 minutes.

Choose the right zone ticket for you

Prices vary, where a pre-paid ticket is cheaper than one bought at the ticket barrier. Note that you cannot purchase a ticket onboard the buses.

These prices apply for zone tickets on single use travelcards, text-me-a-ticket, smart phone app tickets and vending machine zone tickets.

  • 1 zone: SEK36 (full price); SEK20 (reduced price)
  • 2 zones: SEK54 (full price); SEK30 (reduced price)
  • 3 zones: SEK72 (full price); SEK40 (reduced price)

SL Access credit ("reskassa")

You can add credit to an SL Access card and use that credit for pay as you go zone tickets. The minimum credit to add is 100 SEK and you can add up to 1000 SEK at a time. Credit is called "reskassa" in Swedish and you can fill up credit at SL Access vending machines, at SL Center, and at ticket barriers in the Metro and at commuter rail stations.

  • 1 zone: SEK25 (full price); SEK15 (reduced price)
  • 2 zones: SEK37,50 (full price); SEK22,50 (reduced price)
  • 3 zones: SEK50 (full price); SEK30 (reduced price)

Ask for assistance with setting your standard journey if it is not pre-set on the card you buy.