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Use Text-me-a-ticket if you don't have a travelcard or another prepaid ticket and need a ticket fast. Swedish SIM card necessary. 

If you want to buy a text message ticket, you send a text message to 076-720 10 10. Works for you who have registered for the service at (only in Swedish for the time being).

The text message must include the letters for the zones you want to travel in and a letter for full or reduced price.

Message should include a combination of the following letters:

  • A or a for travelling within zone A
  • B or b for travelling within zone B
  • C or c for travelling within zone C
  • H or h for full price (adults)
  • R or r for reduced price (under the age of 20 or over 65)

For example, if you are an adult travelling within zone A you text the message HA to receive the correct ticket.

Which zone?

If you just travel in the Metro system and in the city centre, you are in zone A.

If you want to travel from zone A to zone C you will have to travel through zone B, thus you need to pay for that zone as well.

Use the zone map to find out which zone or zones you need to pay for.

Pre-registration necessary

To use the Text-me-a-ticket service you need a Swedish SIM card, as well as register your phone number and sign up for a method of payment in advance. You can pay with a bank card or with a monthly bill (available to Swedis citizens).

There is a quick-registration service available for those with a Swedish personal ID number ("personnummer"). To use that, just text your ticket code to 076 720 10 10 and you will get a registration form in return.