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We are committed to making public transport in Stockholm accessible to everyone.

Work to improve accessibility in the SL service network is ongoing all the time.

This is what we do:

  • In the Metro, we are lowering the tracks at stations so that there will be no height difference between the train and the platform. It makes it easier to get off and on. This work is nearly completed.
  • All commuter train carriages will be exchanged with new ones, where the floor of the carriage and the platform is at the same level. Now, both new and old carriages are used. 
  • Within a few years, all new buses will have ramps, so that you who use a wheelchair or a walker (frame device) easily can get on and off even at bus stops where there is height difference between the bus floor and the ground. In Stockholm City most buses are of the floor level type, which enables easy boarding and alighting.
  • Digital information displays and automatic service announcements are introduced in more and more bus terminals.

Digital displays

There are digital information displays on all buses, in Metro carriages, on the Tvärbanan trains, and in the new commuter trains, showing line information and the name of the approaching station. Not only is this good for the hearing impaired, but it is also helpful for those of you that do not understand Swedish very well.

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