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Art at Gullmarsplan Metro station.

Public art for public transport

There is a long tradition of public art in Sweden and SL had an early focus on art in the Metro and eventually elsewhere in the transport network.

The art makes the stations perceived as more beautiful, safer and it helps to make the trip into something more than just a transport between two places.

But art is also important to give each station its own identity, and thereby make it easier to navigate in the transport network. We also believe that art helps reduce criminal damage and vandalism.

Art in the Metro is well known, but there is art even at some commuter rail stations and bus terminals, as well as at Tvärbanan and a couple of Roslagsbanan light railway stations. These premises place heavy demands on the art, it must be washable, durable, weather proof and sometimes even have a functional role.

More stations with art

SL's art group decides on new art, renovations and temporary art exhibitions. The art group includes staff from the SL art activities, architects and artists.

In the future, we hope that most of SL's premises will have artistic decoration. Artwork is added to older stations, as well as planned for the new stations.

A major project has already begun, the process of the City Line.

The two new stations will be equipped with artwork, not just to make it more beautiful, but to make orientation easy.

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